About the Center

• The Sac and Fox Nation Juvenile Detention Center is located on twenty acres east of the Nation's Headquarters. The facility is built around a large central outside courtyard which is visible from many parts of the facility including administrative offices, the central dining area and the program area where school is conducted.
• The facility includes a six bed intake unit, two six bed secure units, two twelve bed units with mezzanine floors and one twenty-four bed unit with a mezzanine floor. All told, it is a sixty-six bed facility. It has a state of the art kitchen, a central dining area, a full gym, a library, classrooms, medical area and two conference rooms, a training room, and numerous offices. The outside courtyard has two talking circles and a full basketball court. There is also a "spiritual courtyard."  The entire facility was built with the Sac and Fox Nation's culture in mind.

Facility Statistics

* Square footage: 49,950 square feet
* Construction Costs: 7.2 million dollars
* Funding Sources: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Interior, and Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.
* Rated Capacity: 6 intake beds, 60 single occupancy rooms