Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of the Juvenile Detention Center are:

• To operate a facility that is sensitive to Native American Cultures.
• To provide adequate facilities to house juveniles who cannot be held safely in a less
restrictive environment.
• To provide programs and services that "help a juvenile get back on track."
• To teach youth respect for persons and property.
• To provide a setting that is comfortable and promotes learning and rehabilitation.
• To provide Native American staff qualified in detention as well as rehabilitation.
• To provide a facility that meets all standards for accreditation on a state and
nationwide basis.

Project Firsts

* It is the "first" juvenile facility for Native Americans in Oklahoma.
* The application for funding was ranked "first" among 31 applications.
* It is the "first" Native American regional juvenile facility.
* It is the "first" juvenile facility developed under PL-100-472, the Self- Governance Demonstration Project.
* It is the "first" juvenile facility designed in less than five months.
* It is the "first" Native American operated juvenile detention center in Oklahoma.