Mission and Program

* To provide a safe and secure environment
* To provide an atmosphere for social, personal, educational and spiritual growth
* To provide substance abuse education
* To provide success experiences
* To build self-esteem
* To reduce recidivism

Requirements for Admission:
* Between 12 and 18 years of age
* Pre-adjudicated or adjudicated "delinquent"
* A detention order from court, either district or tribal
* Completed referral information

Referred by:
* Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Law Enforcement
* Individual Tribes under contract
* Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs

Length of Stay:
* From overnight to several months
* Determined by the court

We are required by standards to have a ratio of one staff member to eight residents. Our staff consists of approximately twenty-five staff including one teacher. Many of our staff, though not all, are of Native American heritage.

Services Provided:
* School: The school is accredited. Residents can catch up in school and their credits can be transferred to their home school or wherever they are placed after their release from the Center. Many make significant progress. Alternative schooling is provided if appropriate. Some residents have actually graduated from high school while in residence.
* Recreation: Large muscle activity such as physical training, basketball, volleyball, kickball are provided on a daily basis. Movies are watched and table games played during the evening leisure time. Books can be checked out of the library. In good weather, outside activities occur on a daily basis.
*Spiritual: Spiritual growth is considered to be an important part of personal growth. Our church and one youth ministry provide regular worship experiences with the residents and the church also interacts with the residents in recreational activities.
*Medical: A medical intake is done on every resident upon admission. If medical services are required during their residence at the facility, they are seen at the Black Hawk Health Clinic if they are Native American. Non-Indians are the responsibility of the placing agency. In case of emergency, all residents are taken to the local hospital emergency room for treatment.
*Basic Needs: Clothing and personal hygiene items are furnished to residents, however, family may provide certain hygiene items if they wish. Residents are served nutritious meals which are approved by a certified dietician or nutritionist. Haircuts are given on a monthly basis for those who wish to have one.
* Social Needs: Visitation by family is encouraged and visitation hours are 1-4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Special visitation needs are accommodated when possible. Mail is encouraged and not censored. The facility pays the postage on a limited number of letters each week for each resident. The family may provide additional stamps if they want the resident to send more mail. Telephone calls are limited to one or more per week depending on card level.  Residents are allowed unlimited calls and visits from or to their attorney or worker.

We, at the Sac and Fox Nation Juvenile Detention Center believe that "The residents success is our success, their failure ours."