Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement services since the mid-80's, through the constitution and by-laws adopted by the Sac and Fox Nation in 1885 provides for judicial systems that included Police/Law Enforcement Services.

Law enforcement services since mid-80's covers a three (3) county area and within these county areas - cooperative agreements (Government to Government) has been accomplished to provide cross-deputization and sharing of resources such as (training, equipment & operations assistance). Those present state, local & county agencies include: Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Payne county Sheriff's Department, Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Department, & cities of Prague, Agra, Drumright, Stroud & Davenport.

The Sac and Fox Nation has jurisdiction in criminal matters within the boundaries of the old Sac and Fox Nation Reservation, specific to: Dependent Indian Communities Reservations and Trust Allotted lands. The Sac and Fox Nation has approximately 10,000 acres of allotted lands which is the main area of police coverage and assists the state, local & county with Sac and Fox Nation Housing Authority MHO units within city limits, which is not in trust or allotted lands and doesn't meet the criteria for Reservations or Dependent Indian Communities. The department assists the state and gets information specific to housing authority properties for prosecution.

The department does not have the personnel to provide dispatch services, therefore contracts out services from the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Department & the Lincoln County Sheriff 's Department. The police department office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., receiving calls & after hours the contracted agencies dispatches for us - in reaching Tribal Officers for calls of service. The communities are encouraged and advised to call: (405) 273-1727 Pott. County or in Lincoln County (405) 258- 1191 during office hours and after.

The department has 8 officers: 1 Chief of Police, 1 Major, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant and four patrol officers.

In addition to neighborhood watch, funeral escorts, security for activities, process serving of court papers civil & criminal, the Sac and Fox Police Department added the following areas during 2007

Drug Task Force: This program was developed to help address the rising drug issues within our jurisdiction. The SFN Drug Task Force/Tactical team are cross-deputized to assist in other jurisdictions, as well as our own, in performing investigations, search and seizures and arrests.
K-9 Services: Also implemented in 2007, The K9 program began after receiving dogs from Lackland Air Force Base. Officers and K9's received certifications for drug interdiction. Dogs are trained in drug interdiction, tracking and fugitive recovery
Motorcycle Officer: The motorcycle officer program was developed in 2007 to use for funeral escorts, regular patrol and drug interdiction. The motorcycle, a Honda ST 1100, Police Interceptor was obtained from funds from the Revenue Allocation Plan.