Opened in 1987 as one of the first Tribal libraries in the nation and the only Tribal public library in Oklahoma. The SFNPL contains nearly 7,000 books divided into six sections: 
• FICTION – “Easy” for young children who don’t yet read, “Juveniles” for young readers up to age 12, “Young Adult” for age 13 up and “Adult.” Adult fiction contains audio-books and large print for those with eyesight difficulty.
• BIOGRAPHY – Contains both juvenile and adult books on various individuals. 
• NON-FICTION – Contains both juvenile and adult books on a wide variety of subjects. The SFNPL contains one of the largest non-fiction collections of books on various Native American tribes and issues. 
• REFERENCE – This section is continually updated with current materials that cannot be checked out; 
• RESTRICTED – Contains materials specific to Sac and Fox; most cannot be checked out.
• DVDS – Contains more than 1100 DVDs (classics and new releases) in circulation.