Mission Statement

The Sac and Fox Maintenance Department is a team of skilled persons and staff that maintains utilities and buildings for the Sac and Fox Nation and its people.

Our mission is to provide quality service in an efficient and professional manner to ensure both building and grounds safety and comfort.

Our focus is to continually improve and ensure the needs of the Sac and Fox Nation are met.


Maintenance Goals

  • Respond to work orders in a prioritized and expeditious manner
  • Ensure the health and safety of all personnel and visitors to the Sac and Fox Nation
  • Identify potential problems early so that corrective action may be planned, budgeted and completed in a timely manner
  • Identify and implement possible improvements that will reduce cost, improve services and result in more efficient operation


Buildings and grounds: These are to include but not limited to:


Electrical                                                                     Plumbing

Construction                                                               HVAC

Painting                                                                        House keeping

Delivering supplies                                                     Moving furniture

Landscaping                                                                 Preventive and routine Maintenance

Pool                                                                               Parking lot lights


Motor pool: These are to include but not limited to:


Changing oil/filters/fluids/blades                            Rotating tires

Changing and/or fixing flats                                      Troubleshooting

Fueling vehicles                                                           Keeping track of fuel tanks levels


Water and waste water systems: These are to include but not limited to:

Work with Office of Environmental Services concerning EPA standards                       

Chlorinate water system according to EPA standards

Record keeping   

Repair water breaks (approx. 10 miles of water lines)

Sample water for testing

Treat sewer lines as preventative measures

Landscape around water wells and waste systems 

Unclogged sewer lines

Maintain potable water

Maintain waste water lift stations  

Monitor and upkeep of lagoons

Maintain eight water wells (five working, two emergency, one offline)


Services for the Nation: These are to include but not limited to:

Funeral services: opening and closing grave, lowering of casket, landscaping cemetery/ceremonial areas

Delivery of port-a-pots, tables, and benches wherever needed for ceremonial purposes

Set up buildings and/or grounds for various activities for departments, committees, tribal members, and others

Inspect work by contractors


Maintenance Shop Phone Number: (918) 968-4271

Maintenance Director:

J. Paul Wilson

Sac and Fox Nation 800-259-3970 ext. 2063

[email protected]

Maintenance Office Assistant:

Kimberly Boone

Sac and Fox Nation 800-259-3970 ext. 2062

[email protected]