Denture Program

Sac and Fox Nation

Revenue Allocation Plan Guidelines

Denture Program


To provide for the additional health needs of the Sac and Fox Nation. Many Native Americans are often under insured or lack health insurance altogether. The Sac and Fox Nation deem it an important governmental function to ensure all of its members receive adequate health care. This program is open to all Sac and Fox Nation tribal members regardless of their location of residency.


  1. Applicant must be an enrolled member of the Sac and Fox Nation, residing anywhere.
  2. Applicant is encouraged to exhaust any other tribal or Indian Health Services resources. This program may be used in conjunction with IHS & other resources to provide the applicant the maximum benefits available to them.
  3. Applicants with private insurance must submit claim to their insurance first. SFN RAP Denture program will work as a secondary insurance for those tribal members with denture insurance available to them.
  4. Applicant may receive up to $1000 for dentures or a dental appliance. Cosmetic denture appliances will not be considered.
  5. Applicant may receive assistance every four (4) years. A Four year period is determined on a revolving forty-eight (48) month period which will start from the most recent date of service received. An individual may request assistance annually with a statement and diagnosis from a physician verifying they have a medical condition which necessitates denture or dental appliance replacement more frequently.
  6. Funding for this program is limited and each application will be processed in the order in which it was received. This program will fund as many tribal member’s requests as funding will permit. However, preference may be given to emergency situations and elders.
  7. After eligibility is determined, applicant will receive an award letter and payment will be made directly to Physician/Vendor with appropriate backup documentation, including invoices or estimates.
  8. Applicants receiving services before an award letter has been issued to them may not qualify and will be responsible for payment of the services received prior to the date of the award letter.