Court Forms

DISCLAIMER:  Forms available should not be considered legal advice, and are provided only for reference purposes.  These forms are provided only as a guide in developing a form for a particular case and set of facts.  The content and format of forms not specifically determined by the Sac and Fox Nation Tribal Code or court rule may require modifications to suit the specifics of a given case.

The publication of these forms is in no way a representation that they are either appropriate for use in a particular case or situation or that they are adequate for use without modification or elaboration.

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It is the Responsibility of the Parties to update their information with the Court

01.  Copy Request Form

02.  Divorce Packet (with Minor Children)

03.  Divorce Packet (No Children)

04.  Petition for Emergency Custody & Visitation Packet

05.  Petition for Custody Packet

06.  Petition for Temporary Custody Packet

07.  Petition for Grandparent Rights & Visitation Packet

08.  Petition to Establish Paternity Packet

09.  Temporary Custody Agreement & Power of Attorney

10.  Permanent Custody Agreement & Power of Attorney

11.  Motion to Modify Packet

12.  Emergency Motion to Modify Packet

13.  Motion to Modify Grandparents Rights and Visitation 

14.  Civil Complaint Packet

15.  Small Claims Affidavit Packet

16.  Application for Citation Packet

17.  Affidavit and Petition for Appointment of Guardian - Minor Packet

18.  Petition for Emergency Appointment of Guardian -Minor Packet

19.  Consent to Appointment of Guardian

20.  Guardianship Report Forms - Minor

21.  Petition for Appointment of Guardian - Adult Packet

22.  Petition for Emergency Appointment of Guardianship - Adult Packet

23.  Guardianship Reports - Adult

24.  Nomination of Guardian form - Adult

25.  Plan for the Care and Treatment of Ward - Adult

26.  Plan for the Management of the Property of Ward - Adult

27.  Motion for Review by case type: 

A. Adult Guardianship (PG)

B. Minor Guardianship (PG)

C. Civil (CIV)/ Domestic (JFD)/ ProtectiveOrder(SFPO)

28.  Statutory Power of Attorney

29.  Emergency Petition for Protective Order (EPO)

30.  Petition for Protective Order

31.  Reserved

32.  Reserved

33.  Reserved

34.  Per Capita Request Instructions